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Vray 5 for Sketchup Exterior Masterclass | Create Realistic Exterior Renders for Instagram

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Welcome to the "Create Photorealistic Exterior Renders for Instagram with Vray 5 for Sketchup"

In this class, I'll share everything you need to know about rendering and post-producing your favourite exterior spaces with Vray 5 for Sketchup and get it ready for Instagram.

This course is for intermediate Sketchup users who have a basic knowledge of Sketchup. You do not need any previous knowledge of Vray to take this class. We will start right at the beginning from setting the camera view and work our way to creating a realistic render of our exterior scene step by step. 

You will learn various SketchUp and Vray techniques along the way and we will also leverage Quixel Megascans to add high-quality materials and models into our scene.

As a bonus, we will leverage the power of Skatter 2 to create the landscape in our scene and more. 

There are exercise files available to download so that you can follow along with me in the videos. And there is an awesome assignment towards the end of the course as well. 

You'll learn:

✔️ Learn the basics of setting up the camera, lighting and materials in Vray 5 for Sketchup.

✔️ Learn to use Quixel Bridge and Transmutr to bring-in high quality 3D Models into Sketchup

✔️ Learn to use Skatter 2 to create Landscape and the exterior site

✔️ Learn to post-produce renders directly within the Vray Frame Buffer without having to use Photoshop

✔️ Learn to use multiple hdri domelight setup for lighting

✔️ Learn to use lightgen to create multiple lighting scenarios.

What students of mine say:

"I really loved these classes. Simon sir has explained each and every thing in detail. So guys, if you are thinking about learning sketchup, you can undoubtedly purchase this course. Its worth it." - Riya Agarwal

"Great course. Each step is explained in detail (including how to install software. After completing the course, the prospect of creating professional renders will be well within your grasp" - Jarrod Morkel

"Le cours est bien expliqué dans les détails. La voix et le rythme donnent envie de suivre le cours. Je trouve que le professeur suit bien ses élèves sur différentes plateformes et on ne peut qu'en tirer que le côté positif, Jusque là je suis très satisfait et me réjouis de la suite." - Ismael Badarou

You'll get access to

  • 19 video lessons
  • Exercise Files

Free Bonus

Bonus #1: Free Ready to Render Models

Bonus #2: Facebook, Discord & Linkedin Community Groups to ask questions and share work.

This course is all you need to get started in the world of 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering.
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A complete step by step course on creating amazing photorealistic exterior renders using Vray 5 for Sketchup


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Vray 5 for Sketchup Exterior Masterclass | Create Realistic Exterior Renders for Instagram

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