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Create NFT 3D Digital Art with Sketchup and Vray Masterclass

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We are presently selling this course at 10 USD until the next big update in January.
Use coupon code: nft10

With every new release, the price will be bumped up. The next bump will be set at 27 USD. Get it for a tenner if you haven't done so yet.


  1. Create 3D NFT Art with Sketchup, Vray & Skatter 2 (Released on December 2022)

  2. How to upload your first NFT on Rarible step by step (Released on December 2022)

  3. Sketchup Basics for Absolute Beginners (Released on December 2022)

Coming Soon:
Here's what's coming up for next year:
1) How to create NFT collections on NFT marketplaces using Sketchup and Vray
2) How to leverage properties in NFT
3) Making money with unbuilt project files and renders.
4) Building a Discord Community
5) New 3D Modeling and Rendering Techniques in Sketchup and Vray to create mind-blowing art.

Who is this Course For?

  • NFT Artists

  • Interior Designers

  • Architects

  • Students of Architecture & Interior Design

  • Hobbyists

  • Anyone with an interest in 3D Modelling in Sketchup

  • Anyone with an interest in 3D Rendering with Vray Next for Sketchup

  • Anyone interested in the world of NFTs.

(note that this course will be taught on the windows version but the same techniques can be applied in Mac as well)

What you will Learn?

In this workshop, you will be able to create mind-blowing 3D Art in the fastest way possible using Sketchup & Vray. And you will also learn how to leverage NFT marketplaces and make money while creating art.

This course is presently divided into Two Sections

Section 01 - Introduction to Sketchup for Absolute Beginners

In Section 01, we will start with the fundamentals

  • Introduction to Sketchup Interface

  • Introduction to Sketchup Tools.

  • Introduction to Sketchup Default Tray

And a whole lot more

Section 02 - Create 3D Nft Art with Sketchup and Vray

In Section 02, we will look at the latest features in Vray and also create our first NFT.

  • Model a Sphere in Sketchup

  • Using Lightmix & Lightgen in Vray 5 for Sketchup

  • Adding Chaos Cosmos Materials

  • Create 3D Grass with Skatter 2

  • Post Production in V-Ray

  • Create your first NFT with Rarible

I'm super stoked to be sharing this class and I hope you find it useful. This workshop will help you get into NFTs in under an hour and you'll also be able to create your own cool 3D Art.

See you in the course inside!

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Create NFT 3D Digital Art with Sketchup and Vray Masterclass

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