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The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course Collection Membership

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The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course Collection Membership

Sketchup Guru Academy
44 ratings

Ready to Bring your Vision to the Screen?

Ready to take the first step in your interior design career? Great! Now let me ask you another question; 'when was the last time you brought your ideas to the screen?'

Most interior designers get stuck at the first stage, finding the right software for them. I was like you 5 years ago, I'd tried all the popular 3D design software's and found myself frustrated. Interior design shouldn't be complex and that's why I use SketchUp. And more importantly, that's why I teach SketchUp to thousands of students every year!

With the design industry being so competitive and constantly changing. You need to develop your skills fast so that you can start working with clients and land bigger projects. But first… Let’s talk about SketchUp.

SketchUp is a 3D design software with a minimal UI that lets users bring their visions to the screen quickly. Which is one of the reason's I use SketchUp over more expensive software like 3DS Max. SketchUp also comes bundled with Vray, a photorealistic render engine that will make your work stand out from the competition.

With our Sketchup & Vray Courses, you won't have to wait for your skills to catch up to your imagination.

Here is how you can access our Sketchup & Vray Courses:


USE COUPON CODE: final10offer


(You will also get free access to all our future courses & live workshops too)


Skillshare (gain free access to all courses for a month) -


Udemy (buy each course individually for lifetime access) -

Not ready to sign up for our courses?

Select Tier 0 and join our mailing list. I share a lot of cool Sketchup related stuff on a weekly basis. Read on below for more details on our Tier system here on Gumroad:

Our Tier list

Use my tier system to help find the right starting point for you. Each tier will grant access to the tier below it so tier 2 will also get you everything in tier 1, etc.

Let's take an in-depth look at them:

Tier 1 - Vray for Sketchup 3D Models & Scenes + Our weekly newsletter

This tier contains all you need to create modern kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms.

Complete with 3D models for both interior and exterior designs!

Bonus: Vray IES lighting package

Be one of the first to subscribe and get access to Vray IES lights at no extra cost.

Extra Bonus: Weekly newsletters

We release our weekly newsletters to all tier subscribers including this one. Gain access

to behind the scenes and the latest information about the SketchUp software.

Sent straight to your inbox!

Who is this tier for?

Tier 1 is useful for all levels on SketchUp, our models & scenes are ready to import into

your projects

Tier 2 - Premium 3D Scenes & high-quality Vray Materials (plus the above)

Our tier 2 library takes it up another level with premium 3D scenes and higher quality

Vray materials.

This library contains 10 ready to render scenes with Vray for your SketchUp projects.

Alongside access to our tier 1 category as well.

Tier 3 - Access to all our 8 Udemy courses (plus the above)

The ultimate package, gain access to all our Udemy courses alongside exercise files

and all other tiers!

✅ Live Weekly Support Calls on Zoom

Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design

✅ The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Architectural Design

✅ Vray Next + Sketchup 2019: Creating a Kitchen for Beginner

✅ The Complete Vray 5 for Sketchup Course for Kitchen Design

✅ Vray 5 for Sketchup Exterior Masterclass | Exterior Renders

✅ The Complete Layout for Sketchup Course for Interior Design

✅ Create Digital Art with Sketchup & Vray for NFT Marketplaces

✅ 3D Floor Plan Masterclass with Sketchup, Vray & Flextools

And yes… all of this plus tier 1 & 2.



Okay, but who am I?

Hello there! My name is Manish Paul Simon and I'm an architect & 3D artist from Bangalore, India.

After graduating from one of India's top architecture schools in Vijayawada I began working throughout Southeast Asia for the next 5 years. I've been involved in many different roles over the years from being an architect, 3D artist, Interior designer and a BIM consultant for a large MNC.

As my skills and experience developed I began to share and teach my knowledge to new students through popular educational platforms like Gumroad, Udemy & Skillshare.

I believe that anybody can become a great architect and 3D artist with the right teacher and information which is why I've put this Gumroad course together.

If you'd like to find out more about myself then you can head over to ''. There you'll be able to find an in-depth bio and portfolio section that will show you my latest projects, news & upcoming releases.

We have over 2535+ Positive 5 Star Rated Reviews on Udemy, here are just some of them:

Varun Kumar P says:

"Wonderful experience. It helps me a lot to start my interior design firm. I was from an IT background after taking this course I mastered 3D design."

Leo T says:

Excellent SketchUp course! The instructor utilizes the power of SketchUp and Vray with Post-Production...and very easy to follow. Highly recommended!

Riya A says:

"I really loved these classes. Simon sir has explained each and every thing in detail. So guys, if you are thinking about learning sketchup, you can undoubtedly purchase this course. Its worth it."

For more course reviews, head to

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